AmBLASTador Application

Do you want to get REWARDED for promoting the Blast? Do you like FREE swag...FREE race entry? If you answered "YES!" to these questions, then fill out our AmBLASTador (Blast + Ambassador, get it ;-) Application Form for a chance to represent the 2020 Blast.

                                   APPLY NOW

To make this the best butt kicking cancer party, we are looking for a group of social media savvy Blasters who love all things Hyde Park Blast.

The Amblastadors will be at the forefront to demonstrate the impact of the Hyde Park Blast on our lives and those of the community. Amblastadors will utilize word of mouth and social media to illustrate their past and present journeys with the Hyde Park Blast, spreading word about the events of the day and recruiting for the 20th running of the Hyde Park Blast.

Apply by February 17th to be considered for the Hyde Park Blast AmBLASTador program.